Product Design Portfolio


This narrow wardrobe is specially designed for small hallways, boutique hotels and urban apartments. It is only 38 cm in depth. How?

Real life gif player

The real life gif player is an analogue GIF player. See more

Vorm Backpack

Transform, shape and fold this backpack. Make it big when you need to, keep it small when you want to. See more

The design proces

Defining a briefing

What is it you want to solve, make, invent or do and what are your core principles?

Deep dive
Tailoring for the user / consumer

For whom are we doing this and why would it be interesting to design something new? Either it is for a bird, a group, a community. It is always important to know for whom the design will be made and what the added value of the design will be.

Tailoring for your business

What is your aim and your game? We love to do a deep dive in your brand philosophy and goals to make the product as powerful and original as it can be.


Tangible and compelling concepts are key to make a good design. Part of the ideation proces is:

Concept design
3D design

By making tangible models of the product we can use more into user experience, figure out production difficulties and make final adjustments before the production stage. We use techniques as:

3D printing
CNC milling
Crafted prototypes
Material research

Testing, testing, testing. When developing new products it is good to test it’s quality, the suppliers, the usability, the impact, the pricing and what not. 


Finding the right production partner is as much part as the proces as designing the product itself. We do extensive research into the:

Production location
Durabilty (depending on the product)

Transdiep, the narrow wardrobe

Transdiep is a narrow wardrobe, high on its legs. Made with all quality materials that are sourced in a small and transparent supply chain. The smart use of diagonal hangers makes it almost half the depth of a regular wardrobe and a practical solution for urban apartments and hotels. The foldable sliding door makes the design playful and light and hints towards the Japanese origami techniques. 

Real Life Gif Player

The real life gif player is an analogue GIF player. In the photo frame we show uncontrolled facial expressions. When turning the handle you see a 24 frame movie of a person eating a lemon. 

In collaboration with Sacha Dalmeijer

Vorm Backpack

In collaboration with Mike Vincent & Innofa textiles

Transform, shape and fold this backpack. Make it big when you need to, keep it small when you want to. This backpack is made from Dutch textile waste and lined with a transformable material. No velcro, zippers or buckles needed.

How It Works / Usability

Transform a compact 12 liter backpack to a 40 liter one. How? The backside of the backpack is lined with a material that has lead-like qualities. This material can be folded and shaped continuously and in contrary to actual lead it is very lightweight.

Smart design

Can be compact and still fits odd shaped items like: Tripods, baguettes, skateboards.


No vulnerabilities as: velcro, zippers or buckles


There is a small opening and compartment in the middle of the backpack for fast access items. With our unique foldable closing system we made this hard to open for someone with bad intentions, but easy to open when you know the trick.

User friendly

There is a compartment for laptops / papers

Upcycling of materials

The used fabric is waste from a local Dutch textile company Innofa
Backpacks will be made to order
It is build to last with user replaceable parts